CCTV home security camera system


Protect and monitor your property with CCTV security cameras. As a result, a camera system will help deter and detect any unwanted person or dealings; keeping a close watch on your home or business. Both business and home CCTV is very popular these days and a must for premises with high value goods and cash. A good quality camera can also help capture incidents of vandalism, theft, robbery and other crimes; which can potentially help police in their investigations.

Types of Camera Systems

We fit systems for all types of use and use nothing but high end, top quality cameras up to 4K with various megapixels and recording equipment from FVS-CCTV. All of our systems can be networked and viewed remotely via an application, which is an increasingly popular option. We fit cameras internally and to exteriors, using hidden and encased cabling and can make appropriate fittings, such as erecting posts.

Cost of a Camera System

We can secure your premises with a CCTV camera system starting from around £600+VAT. For larger projects, you can be assured of an expertly designed installation at a very competitive price. We will also maintain your system, providing 24 hour technical support and advice.

Prior to installation, an engineer will attend your premises and help you design a CCTV security system specifically for your requirements and budget. Contact Us For Your FREE Security Survey.

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